About Us

About Bonaire Property Rentals

Bonaire Property Rentals offers the rental villas, condos, suites, apartments, homes and multiple luxury accommodations to suit all of your lodging needs during your stay in the Dutch Caribbean.

With our main office located directly on Bonaire island (Dutch Caribbean) and satellite office in Quebec (Canada), we are able to serve you in Dutch, English, French and Spanish.

Our CEO, Édithe Trépanier, world champion wind-surfer, is always actively working on securing the best lodging locations to ensure  the best possible accommodation experience during your stay.

Our Team

Édithe Trépanier, CEO of Bonaire Property Rentals B.V.
Pierre Henriet, On-site Manager

Personal Touch

Once you’ve confirmed your reservation using our online booking system, you will be in communication with our management team. Within maximum seven days before your arrival, our on-site manager will communicate with you to ensure a perfect check-in.

Save On Rentals 

We have partnerships with a variety of retailers who can offer you discounts on transportation rentals (cars, vans) as well as diving and outdoor water sports equipment. Once you’ve selected the discount vouchers you want, our on-site manager will get in touch with you to finalize the details.

About Bonaire

Bonaire is a small island located in the southern Caribbean and it is truly unique in the world. It’s as if this tiny island was made just for diving and snorkeling, as, from virtually any place on the leeward coastline, you can enter the beautiful Caribbean Sea and dive!

No other island in the Caribbean has so many unrestricted shore dive sites. Steep walls, sloping drop-offs, exciting wrecks and last, but not least, the double reef system, which will take your breath away.

For over 20 years, Bonaire has maintained dedication to protecting its natural beauty and environment. The Bonairean people declared the waters around Bonaire and Klein Bonaire, an underwater marine park.

The majority of the island is underdeveloped with the north end protected as a National Park. The Island is home to wild donkeys, goats, iguanas & flamingoes which have been surviving on the islands since it was first “discovered” (while inhabited by local Indians) by the Spanish over 500 years ago. Each time I drive around we make sure to bring leftovers and feed the wild donkeys and goats roaming around.

Bonaire has the reputation of being laid back, very tranquil, and a paradise for divers. People have written many slogans and descriptions about Bonaire, such as ‘the best kept secret,’ ‘unforgettable, unhurried,’ and, of course, ‘divers’ paradise.’ The fact is that all these statements are true. There is so much to explore both above and below the water!

One of the best part of Bonaire is that it is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean. It is super quiet and would not be considered a tourist trap, like some of the other islands.

The locals are genuine, friendly and very laid back, not like the rest of the Caribbean where you have to be careful. The water is amazingly clear, bathtub warm and the local fish super timid and friendly; just take a piece of bread to feed them when you go snorkeling and they will be following you around like the neighbors dog.